Tout Sur Moi Rentrée Scolaire

Tout sur moi la rentrée craft

La Rentrée Scolaire

For all of you French teachers out there, here is the French version of my All About Me craft. Tout Sur Moi Rentrée scolaire.

A fun activity for the first days of the new school year. Engaging and easy for your students to do.

Tout sur moi la rentrée templates

Simply download the templates.

Tout sur moi la rentrée

I suggest first filling in and colouring the glasses template; Next, place them on top of the face to find the correct place to draw the nose and mouth.

Tout sur moi la rentrée templates

Obviously, there is no need too draw the eyes, next, finish drawing the hair and colouring in the t-shirt.

Tout sur moi la rentrée finished craft

Last, glue the the glasses onto the face, et voilà!

Ideal for your display or bulletin board.


1. J’ai _____ ans

2. Ma couleur préférée.

3. Mon repas préféré

4. Mon film préféré

5. Ma matière préférée

6. Mon animal préféré

N.B. This resource is in FRENCH

Advantages of “All about me” activities in school


“All about me” activities provide students with an opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It allows them to explore their identity, personality, and interests, fostering a sense of individuality and self-awareness.

Building Relationships

These activities often involve sharing personal information with peers, which can help foster connections and build relationships among students. By learning about each other’s backgrounds, hobbies, and experiences, students can find commonalities and develop empathy and understanding.

Cultural Awareness and Appreciation

These activities can promote cultural awareness and appreciation among students. By sharing their cultural traditions, customs, and experiences, students develop respect for diversity and gain insights into different cultures, promoting a more inclusive and tolerant classroom environment.


Click HERE for this Tout Sur Moi Rentrée scolaire craft

all about me craft

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Have fun!


  1. I love how this content is now available in French. Thank you more if possible.

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