Animal Sounds For Kids (FREE Puzzles)

animal sounds puzzle

What sounds do animals make?

Animals play an important part in our world, and we can recognize a wide range of sounds they produce.

Moreover, in kindergarten, children should learn about the different sounds animals make, as it helps them understand and appreciate the diversity of the natural world around them.

Additionally, kindergarteners should know some common animal sounds for kids to enrich their knowledge.

This experience will not only be fun but also educational, as they become more familiar with the fascinating variety of sounds that different animals produce.

Animal sounds for kids

Cat: Meow!

Cats are known for their distinctive “meowing” sound, which they use to communicate with their owners and other cats. Kindergarteners may also be familiar with the sound of a purring cat, which is a sign that the cat is content and happy

Dog: Woof!

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they make a variety of sounds to communicate with their owners and other dogs. The most common sound a dog makes is the “woof” or “bark,” which is used to alert their owners to potential danger or to greet them when they come home.

Cow: Moo!

Cows are known for their deep, resonant “moo” sound, which they use to communicate with each other and with farmers. This sound is also associated with the image of a peaceful, grazing cow in a green pasture.

Pig: Oink!

Pigs are another farm animal that make distinct sounds, and the “oink” is perhaps the most recognizable. Pigs also make a snorting sound when they’re happy or content, and a squealing sound when they’re scared or in pain.

Sheep: Baa!

Sheep are known for their soft, bleating “baa” sound, which is similar to the sound made by their young, called lambs. This sound is often associated with the gentle nature of sheep and their fluffy, white coats.

Horse: Neigh!

Horses are majestic animals that make a loud, distinctive “neigh” sound, which is used to communicate with other horses or with humans. Horses also make a snorting sound when they’re excited or agitated, and a soft whinny when they’re content.

Lion: Roar!

Lions are the king of the jungle, and their loud, powerful “roar” is one of the most recognizable animal sounds in the world. This sound is used to establish dominance and to communicate with other lions in the pride.

Frog: Ribbit!

Frogs are amphibians that make a unique “ribbit” sound, which is used to attract mates during breeding season. This sound is also associated with the sound of a croaking frog in a quiet pond or stream.

animal sounds puzzle template

I have created some animal, sounds for kids, puzzles that you can use to teach your young learners the sounds of some animals.


CAT – Meow

DOG – Woof

COW – Moo

PIG – Oink


HORSE – Neigh

LION – Roar

FROG – Ribbit

Simply print and cut out the puzzle pieces. I laminated mine for more durability.

animal sound puzzle

Use these puzzles to teach your little ones which sounds the various animals make.

Get your kids to recognise the different animals and to match the sounds.


If you would like to teach more animal sounds, here is one of my favourite videos that I have used to teach my students.


Have fun!


  1. Love love love the animal sounds, marvellous.

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