Martin Luther King Jr Black History Month (Lesson)

martin luther king jr day black history month

Martin Luther King Jr Black History Month Reading Comprehension

Let’s celebrate Black History Month  and MLK Day with this Martin Luther King Jr. reading and comprehension lesson.

Black History Month/ MLK Day

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. during Black History Month honours his enduring legacy. He fought against racial injustice and inspired equality and diversity.

As a prominent leader, his powerful speeches and peaceful protests paved the way. Introducing children to his life fosters empathy, unity, and understanding.

They learn about justice, equality, tolerance, and inclusivity. Consequently, they grasp the significance of his values.

Commemorating this remarkable figure instils compassion, respect, and hope, fostering a brighter, equitable future for all. In this way, his teachings continue to inspire generations.

During Black History Month, we reflect on his impact and reaffirm our commitment to social progress. As we remember his struggles, we learn valuable lessons in perseverance and determination.

By understanding history, we shape a better future.

In this short lesson your students will learn about the life and impact of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement.

This Martin Luther King resource includes

  • Articles on MLK and the Civil Rights Movement.
  • A timeline.
  • Comprehension questions.
  • Craftivity project.
  • Teacher guide.

martin luther king jr comprehension lesson

This Martin Luther King Jr Black History Month lesson includes a teacher guide that gives you all the instructions you need to make this an informative and enjoyable lesson for your students.

Also great as a sub. lesson.


martin luther king teacher guide

The answer key to the comprehension questions, as well as the instructions on how to make the craftivity, are also included.

Martin Luther King craft template

martin luther king

martin luther king jr colouring

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martin luther king jr day templates

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