3 in 1 Corner Rounder Punch (Corner Cutter)

3 in 1 corner rounder punch

3 in 1 Corner Cutter

I finally got my corner rounder punch! Hoorah!

As an ESL/EFL teacher, I often make and laminate resources to use with my students.

However, after cutting out my laminated resources, the corners are usually sharp and potentially dangerous.

I also wanted to buy a corner cutter to cut down on the time spent cutting the corners with a pair of scissors.

3 in 1 corner cutter

This 3 in 1 Corner Cutter is a great tool that can cut small, medium and large corners.

How to use the Corner Cutter

Easy and simple to use

Choose your desired material and place it into the slot, then push the corner of your paper inside, until it is correctly lodged against the guides. Make sure to keep the paper at a 90-degree angle.

Press the handle down to make your rounded corner.

What can you use it for?

It is suitable for cutting paper, photographs, flashcards, scrapbooking, business cards, or gift cards and can be used in offices, schools, homes, and photo studios.

The benefits of this tool

  • Versatile tool that can cut small, medium, and large corners
  • Perfect for creating paper crafts or scrapbooks
  • Made with durable materials and equipped with a sharp stainless steel
    cutter blade for precision cutting
  • Easy to operate and simple to use
  • Suitable for cutting paper, photographs, scrapbooking, business cards, or gift cards
  • Can be used in offices, schools, homes, and photo studios
  • Can create accurate and sharply rounded corners
  • Can be used with a variety of materials such as regular paper, foil, craft paper, laminated paper and more.
  • Can be used with paper between 70g-230g
  • Can be used with 2-3 layers if paper is too thin
corner cutter

All in all a great buy, especially if, like me, you are a teacher who creates lots of resources for the classroom.

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Click HERE for more information about similar corner cutter punchers.

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