summer arts and crafts all about me

End of the Year All About Me Activity Summer Arts and Crafts

How cute is this All About Me craft. Ideal for your summer, end of the year or back to school activities.

This craft will help your students to get to know about each other, and will keep them engaged whilst having fun at the same time.

all about me craft templates

After filling in and colouring the glasses, place them on top of the face template, so that you know where to draw the nose and mouth. Obviously, there is no need to draw the eyes.

all about me craft

all about me craft

The templates include the face and two pairs of glasses, one in British English and the other in American English.

Finish drawing the hair and colouring in the face, t-shirt and background. Glue the glasses onto the face and you’re done.

all about me craft

Advantages of “All about me” activities in school


“All about me” activities provide students with an opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It allows them to explore their identity, personality, and interests, fostering a sense of individuality and self-awareness.

Building Relationships

These activities often involve sharing personal information with peers, which can help foster connections and build relationships among students. By learning about each other’s backgrounds, hobbies, and experiences, students can find commonalities and develop empathy and understanding.

Confidence Boost

“All about me” activities can contribute to building students’ self-confidence. By sharing their achievements, talents, and strengths, students gain a sense of pride and accomplishment. It also allows them to receive recognition and positive feedback from their peers and teachers, reinforcing their self-worth.

Cultural Awareness and Appreciation

These activities can promote cultural awareness and appreciation among students. By sharing their cultural traditions, customs, and experiences, students develop respect for diversity and gain insights into different cultures, promoting a more inclusive and tolerant classroom environment.

Enhancing Communication Skills

When students engage in “all about me” activities, they are encouraged to communicate effectively with their peers and teachers. They learn to articulate their thoughts, listen actively, and engage in meaningful conversations. These activities can help improve oral communication skills and promote teamwork.

Personalized Learning

Understanding students’ interests and preferences through “all about me” activities enables teachers to tailor instruction to their individual needs. It allows educators to design lessons that align with students’ strengths, motivations, and learning styles, fostering a more engaging and effective learning experience.

Emotional Development

Reflecting on personal experiences and emotions during “all about me” activities can contribute to students’ emotional development. It encourages them to recognize and express their feelings, promotes self-reflection, and develops emotional intelligence.

Parent Involvement

“All about me” activities often involve parental engagement. Parents can participate in these activities by providing information about their child’s interests, family traditions, and aspirations. This involvement strengthens the home-school connection and enhances parental engagement in the child’s education.

Overall, “all about me” activities play a valuable role in promoting self-awareness, self-confidence, interpersonal skills, cultural appreciation, personalized learning, emotional development, and parent involvement. They create a positive and inclusive learning environment that values each student’s unique identity and experiences.

summer arts and crafts all about me

All About Me Craft

This Beginning or End of Year About Me Selfie Craft | is also ideal for your summer or all about me, back to school activities.

Used at the beginning or end of the year, this summer craft makes a great All About Me poster.

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tutto su di me

Click here to see the Italian version Tutto su di me

tout sur moi

Click here to see the French version Tout sur moi

Have fun!

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