The British Royal Family – Inside The Queen’s Handbag Craft

whats inside the queens handbag

Revealing What’s Hidden Inside the Queen’s Awesome Handbags

The Queen’s handbags not only symbolize her style but also pose a mystery. Many people know that the Queen frequently carries handbags from the company Launer, which has held a royal warrant since 1981. However, what does she carry inside them?

These handbags, made of soft calf leather, are custom-made for the Queen but within lies a top secret.

Some say that her bags contain reading glasses, a handkerchief, a fountain pen, a mirror, and lipstick.

whats inside the queens handbag

Here is a cute handbag craft that you can do with your students.

Before starting, a good idea would be to ask your students what they think might be in the handbag.

Write a list on the board to see how many things they can come up with.

Included in this resource are some of the things that I think might be inside

Inside the Queen’s Handbag

Lipstick, makeup and perfume

to refresh Her Majesty during the day

Reading glasses

A spare pair always comes in handy

Fountain and ball point pen

To sign autographs

A box of tissues

To mop her brow when visiting tropical countries

A letter

Top secret

A credit card

Just in case

A radio

To listen to the horse races

A photo

Her beloved corgi

A telephone

For those important calls

A marmalade Sandwich

For later


Here we are having fun making our handbags.

inside the queens handbag templates

inside the queens handbag templates

inside the queens handbag templates

inside the queens handbag
Inside the Queen’s Handbag

How cute are they?

N.B. This resource is intended as a fun activity. I don’t actually know what The Queen carries inside her handbags.

whats inside the queens handbag

What’s Inside the Queens’s Handbag?


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Have fun!

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