The Five Senses  (Touch)

the five senses touch

The Five Senses, Touch, Textures and Feel.

Encouraging Descriptive Language

Inspire your students to describe textures using vivid adjectives. Encourage them to articulate their observations about the feel of various materials, fostering descriptive language skills:

Teach your students about the five senses, touch. 

We all know that kids love to get their mitts on just about anything lol. 🙂 So, what exactly can they feel? Well, if it’s

  • Wood – hard
  • Liquid – wet
  • Nail file – rough
  • Sellotape – sticky
  • Sweet wrapper – crinkly
  • Plastic – smooth
  • Cotton wool – soft / fluffy

Just to describe a few!


Sense of Touch for Kids: Hands-On Activities


The more ways we allow students to interact with the materials we use in class, the better they learn. Moreover, hands-on activities encourage students to participate and interact to the fullest.

Enhancing Meaning Construction Through Tactile Engagement

By handling, manipulating, and observing the different textures of objects, ESLs are able to use more than just language to help them construct meaning. Additionally, interacting with the objects you present helps them understand your lesson in a deeper way.

the five senses texture touch

Broadening Skills and Fostering Creativity

These activities not only improve children’s critical thinking skills but also enhance their gross and fine motor abilities. Furthermore, they provide an opportunity for children to express their imagination and creativity.

Engaging the Senses

Exploring the Sense of Touch To engage your kids further, get them to touch various objects and see if they can describe how they feel. Here is a short list of things that can be used for this exercise.

the five senses texture touch

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Dry beans
  • Fabric
  • Sand
  • Clay
  • Finger paints
  • Marbles

This resource has been updated, and now includes a cute craft for your students to make and take home.

the five senses texture touch

Why you should use this resource!

English Language Arts

Your students will:

  • Learn new vocabulary words related to texture, such as rough, smooth, scratchy, and soft.
  • Exercise their creativity and imagination by coming up with unique ideas for their hand craft.


Your students will:

  • Explore the sense of touch and learn about the different textures of various materials.
  • Gain knowledge about the different properties of materials, such as their hardness, softness, and smoothness.
  • Develop fine motor skills by manipulating and working with different materials during the craft activity.
  • Practice observation skills by comparing and contrasting the textures of different materials.

For continued development, encourage the child to explore textures in their environment. Take them on nature walks and have them touch various objects, such as tree bark, leaves, and rocks.

Encourage them to describe the textures using adjectives and write about their observations. Additionally, provide them with opportunities to engage in sensory play with different materials, such as sand, water, and playdough, to further enhance their understanding of texture.


Here is an example of an activity that you can easily do at home. Alternatively, you can use my worksheet to create a similar exercise. Get your kids to attach various objects (like above) to the corresponding boxes and away you go… 👍😃


A link to the old version (above) is included.

the five senses touch

The Five Senses Touch

Kids love to get their hands on just about anything. This resource is designed to help them explore the different textures of everyday objects.


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5 star rating

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What else can you teach with this exercise?
Sentence structure

  • “How does it feel?”
  • “Is it soft/hard/rough…?”
  • “Touch it with your hand”


  • Rough
  • Scratchy
  • Sticky
  • Fluffy
  • Soft
  • Smooth etc

Have fun… 😃

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