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End-of-year or back to school fun summer mystery puzzles.

What are Summer Mystery Puzzles?

Imagine cutting out an ordinary picture into several pieces, and then scrambling them like a jigsaw puzzle. That’s exactly what Summer Mystery Puzzles are all about!

Each puzzle consists of an image that has been meticulously dissected into several sections, leaving kids with the intriguing task of putting it all back together. The catch? They have no clue how the original picture looks!

The Allure of Mystery

Curiosity is a powerful motivator, and Summer Mystery Puzzles tap into that innate sense of wonder in children. As they carefully examine the pieces, they’ll be captivated by the challenge of reconstructing the hidden image.

Moreover, the satisfaction of completing the puzzle and discovering the mystery picture will undoubtedly bring smiles and a sense of accomplishment.

Educational Benefits

While these puzzles are loads of fun, they also offer various educational benefits. As kids manipulate the pieces, they enhance their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Additionally, deciphering the puzzle requires critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving abilities, thus honing their cognitive skills without them even realizing it.

Themes for Every Interest

From underwater adventures and wild jungle escapades to outer space odysseys and magical fairylands, Summer Mystery Puzzles come in a wide array of themes to cater to every child’s interest.

Whether your little one dreams of becoming an astronaut or adores adorable animals, there’s a puzzle out there waiting to be solved!


For a more personalized experience, families can even create their own Summer Mystery Puzzles.

Draw a unique picture, divide it into sections, and let the kids challenge each other with their custom-made enigmas.

It’s an interactive and creative activity that will keep the fun going all summer long.

Let your kids embark on a journey of mystery and excitement with Summer Mystery Puzzles. These brain-teasing challenges are the perfect way to keep young minds sharp and entertained during the sunny days.

So, grab those scissors, cut out the puzzles, and watch as your little detectives immerse themselves in the joy of discovery and learning!

Engage your students in a summertime activity that will put their fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, visual closure, and visual motor abilities to the test.

This activity features four intriguing mystery puzzles that are sure to provide a challenging experience.

mystery puzzle templates
Mystery puzzle templates.

Summer mystery puzzles
Cut out the pieces.
Summer mystery puzzles
Recompose the pieces to reveal the mystery.

Cut out the pieces and recompose them on one of the three grids included. 

For an extra challenge, choose the puzzles and grids that are not numbered. 

After colouring in, your students may wish to cut out the image to create a cute craft. 

Ideal for your display or bulletin board.

The four puzzles included are:

* A doughnut / Donut

* An ice cream

* An Ice loll / Popsicle

* Watermelon

Great for scissor skills and number revision.

Click HERE to download these puzzles.

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Have Fun! 🍩🍦🍉

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