Basic Italian for kids Part 1

basic Italian for kids

Basic Italian for kids, colours, animals, numbers and shapes…

How do I teach Italian to my kid(s)?

Teaching Italian to kids doesn’t have to be difficult and boring.

Remember, it’s important to make the process fun and engaging.

Here’s a list of some fun and effective ways to teach Italian to kids:

  1. Use games and interactive activities to make learning fun.
  2. Introduce new words and phrases through songs, stories, and other engaging materials.
  3. Incorporate everyday objects and experiences into your lessons, such as labeling household items with their Italian names or practicing ordering food in a restaurant.
  4. Set aside dedicated time each day for practicing Italian with your child.
  5. Make use of flashcards, worksheets, and other visual aids to help with memorization and retention.
  6. Practice speaking Italian with your child on a regular basis, and encourage them to speak with native Italian speakers if possible.
  7. Watch Italian cartoons or movies together to help your child get accustomed to hearing and understanding the language.
  8. Consider enrolling your child in an Italian language class or hiring a private tutor to provide additional support and guidance.
  9. Celebrate milestones and achievements with rewards or other positive reinforcement.
  10. Lastly, be patient and encouraging, and remember that learning a new language is a process that takes time and practice.
basic Italian for kids
basic Italian for kids

Some basics of Italian

Here’s a list of some of the basics of Italian that can be helpful for kids to learn:


Ciao (hello/goodbye), Buongiorno (good morning), Buonasera (good evening), and Buonanotte (good night).


Uno (one), Due (two), Tre (three), Quattro (four), Cinque (five), Sei (six), Sette (seven), Otto (eight), Nove (nine), Dieci (ten).


Rosso (red), Blu (blue), Giallo (yellow), Verde (green), Nero (black), Bianco (white), Marrone (brown), Grigio (grey), Arancione (orange), Rosa (pink), Viola (purple).


Cane (dog), Gatto (cat), Cavallo (horse), Pesce (fish), Uccello (bird), Coniglio (rabbit), Serpente (snake), Leone (lion), Orso (bear), Tigre (tiger).

Family Members

Mamma (mom), Papà (dad), Fratello (brother), Sorella (sister), Nonno (grandfather), Nonna (grandmother), Zio (uncle), Zia (aunt), Cugino (cousin).

Food and Drinks

Pizza, Pasta, Gelato (ice cream), Limonata (lemonade), Caffè (coffee), Tè (tea), Latte (milk), Formaggio (cheese), Pane (bread), Frutta (fruit).

Basic Phrases

Per favore (please), Grazie (thank you), Mi scusi (excuse me), Come stai? (how are you?), Molto bene (very well), Non capisco (I don’t understand), Parla inglese? (Do you speak English?), Mi chiamo… (My name is…), Piacere di conoscerti (Nice to meet you).


Cerchio (circle), Quadrato (square), Rettangolo (rectangle), Triangolo (triangle), Ovale (oval), Stella (star), Cuore (heart).

basic Italian for kids

If you are ready to start teaching Italian to your kid(s), Look no further. I have put together a selection of flashcards, vocabulary and worksheets for anyone teaching the basics.

Included are:





Nero – Black

Blu – Blue

Marrone – Brown

Verde – Green

Grigio – Grey

Azzurro – Light blue

Arancione – Orange

Rosa – Pink

Viola – Purple

Rosso – Red

Bianco – White

Giallo – Yellow


Cerchio – Circle

Rombo – Rhombus/Diamond

Cuore – Heart

Ovale – Oval

Rettangolo – Rectangle

Quadrato – Square

Stella – Star

Triangolo – Triangle


Gatto – Cat

Mucca – Cow

Cane – Dog

Rana – Frog

Cavallo – Horse

Leone – Lion

Topo – Mouse

Maiale – Pig

Coniglio – Rabbit

Pecora – Sheep

plus, some number and shapes worksheets.

I have also included a glossary of the words with the phonetic spelling, intended as a rough guide to the pronunciation.

basic Italian for kids word glossary

Make sure to vary the ways in which you use the flashcards. I like to make two sets of the cards to play memory. Have a look HERE for other ways to use them

If you are looking for some FREE basic Italian lessons and stories for your kids, take a look at

The Italian Experiment website

Click HERE to download this Italian basics for kids set.

Have fun!

N.B This set includes my FREE Italian numbers and shapes resources

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