summer arts and crafts robots

robot craft for kids

Look how beautiful these turned out. This robot craft looks elaborate, but was so easy to make.

robot template

I saw the above template whilst scrolling through Instagram, and immediately wanted to try it out in the classroom.

Click HERE to download it if you too would like to try this craft.

robot craft

After colouring and cutting out the mechanical parts, we then glued them on to our robot body parts before assembling them all together.

To attach the arms and legs we used split pins to give movement (As split pins can be difficult to insert and open, I made sure to do this myself as a precautionary measure. Safety at all times!)

If you don’t have any split pins, you can just glue the parts to the body.

I made a template for the robot, that you can use, to make the lesson easier.

robot template

Click here to download this ROBOT TEMPLATE

Take a look at the finished results!

robot craft
robot craft
robot craft

Before doing this craft, went over the vocabulary for body parts. Vocabulary revision and crafts together, make a great lesson.

Have fun!

Music Make Me Feel By Not The King

QUICK TIP Cover the back of the split pin with sellotape for added protection.

split pin trick

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