The Adventures of Pinocchio

“Every time you tell a lie, your nose will grow.”

Ogni volta che dici una bugia, il tuo naso crescerà.”

The Story of Pinocchio

Pinocchio, a wooden puppet created by the toymaker Geppetto, yearned to be a real boy. With the help of the Blue Fairy, he was granted life and embarked on a journey to prove his worthiness.

Along the way, Pinocchio encountered deceitful characters like Stromboli, Honest John, and Gideon, who tried to exploit his innocence. Through these challenges, Pinocchio learned about honesty and accountability, with his growing nose serving as a reminder of his falsehoods.

Despite his mistakes, Pinocchio remained determined. He found himself inside a whale’s belly and selflessly rescued Geppetto, his father figure. This act of bravery transformed Pinocchio, turning him into a real boy.

Pinocchio’s story teaches us about personal growth, resilience, and the power of making amends. It reminds us to embrace our true selves, face our fears, and accept the consequences of our choices.

Today, the timeless tale of Pinocchio continues to inspire both young and old, reminding us that our dreams can become reality through perseverance and a commitment to doing what is right.

Read and listen to the story HERE

Who doesn’t know the story of Pinocchio, the wooden marionette whose nose would grow longer and longer every time he told a lie.

If you were growing up in the 70’s you may have watched the Italian tv series

Le Aventure di Pinocchio

This was another programme that my sisters and I used to love watching when we were younger.

Here’s a short clip (in Italian) when Pinocchio tells lies to the fairy.

To Grow – Crescere

Growing – Crescendo

If you are teaching your kids Italian, here’s a video teaching the body parts.

Here is a simple cut and paste activity in English and Italian for you to do with your kid/s or students.

pinocchio body parts

Learning body parts vocabulary is an essential aspect of language acquisition. The ability to identify and name body parts not only helps us communicate effectively but also enhances our understanding of the human anatomy.

With activities like the Pinocchio body parts cut and paste activity, children can engage in a fun and interactive way of learning.

By matching the English words such as ear, hair, head, eyes, face, nose, stomach, mouth, hand, knee, feet, leg, and arm with their corresponding Italian counterparts like orecchio, capelli, testa, occhi, faccia, naso, pancia, bocca, mano, ginocchio, piedi, gamba, and braccio, learners can expand their vocabulary in both languages simultaneously.

Such activities not only foster linguistic development but also promote cultural understanding and appreciation.

Download my FREE Pinocchio body parts cut and paste worksheet

pinocchio body parts


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Italian numbers 1-10


Have fun! ☺

Buon divertimento! ☺


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