Alphabet Spaghetti Game

Years ago, when we were younger, our mom use to give us Alphabetti Spaghetti (and Spaghetti Hoops) for DINNER. We used to love it. What child doesn’t like spaghetti in tomato sauce!

What you can teach with this exercise

Sentence structure

  • “What letter is it?”
  • “Alphabetical order”


  • Alphabet
  • Letters
  • A, B, C, etc.

I came up with the idea of this alphabet spaghetti game earlier this week after doing a lesson on the alphabet.

The cut-out letters cost just €0.99 cents and are ideal for this exercise. Throw the letters onto the floor (or table) and get your kids to unscramble them and put them into the correct alphabetical order.

This helps children to actually recognize the separate letters instead of just repeating the alphabet parrot fashion. (This can be done with numbers also)

All that remains to be done now is to drain off the spaghetti, serve it up and let the kids do the rest. Buon appetito!

Download my FREE Alphabet Spaghetti Unscramble worksheet (above) to get you started. Print on thin card and cut it out. For extra durability, you can laminate the letters.

An alternative to this is to do a cut and paste exercise, with the children gluing the letters in alphabetical order onto paper.

Have fun! 😀😊


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