FREE Fireworks Craft and New Year’s Colouring Page 2024

fireworks and 2024 new year's colouring page

FREE New Year resource

FREE Fireworks Craft and New Year’s Colouring Page 2024

As we bid farewell to the old and embrace the new, what better way to welcome the year 2024 than with a burst of creativity and colour? In this blog post, I’ll guide you through a delightful journey of crafting your own fireworks masterpiece and adding a splash of colour to the festivities with a New Year’s colouring page.

Let’s make this New Year’s celebration truly memorable!

Fireworks Craft

  • The template (included)
  • Coloured crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String or ribbon


  1. Colour in the 4 templates and cut out.
  2. Fold the templates in half.
  3. Glue the 4 templates together.
  4. Punch a hole in the top and add some string or ribbon.

(The instructions are included in the download)

fireworks craft

fireworks craft

firework craft

New Year’s Colouring Page 2024

Print out the specially created New Year’s colouring page for a relaxing and enjoyable activity for all ages. Whether you’re welcoming the year with family, friends, or on your own, colouring is a therapeutic way to reflect on the past and set intentions for the future.

fireworks craft and new year's colouring page 2024

new year colouring page and fireworks craft

Click HERE to download this Fireworks craft and New Year’s colouring page for 2024.

As we usher in the New Year, take a moment to celebrate the joy of creativity and the promise of new beginnings. Engage in the art of crafting with this fireworks project and unwind with the New Year’s colouring page. May the year 2024 be filled with colour, joy, and countless moments of inspiration.

Happy New Year!

N.B. This FREE fireworks craft and New Year’s colouring page 2024 are part of my New Year Celebrations resource.

new year colouring page

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