new year colouring page

New year colouring pages to celebrate…

2024 is just around the corner…

Here are some colouring pages to start off the new year.

If they look familiar it’s because I have repurposed my Bonfire Night colouring pages. Lol… 😃

bonfire night colouring pages

Here are five reasons for using colouring pages to celebrate the New Year with ESL students

Engages Creativity

Colouring pages provide an excellent opportunity for children to express their creativity. They can choose different colors and designs to personalize their artwork, allowing them to showcase their unique perspectives and imagination.

Enhances Vocabulary

New Year colouring pages often feature relevant vocabulary related to the occasion, such as fireworks, party hats, balloons, or countdown clocks. As children color these images, they can learn and reinforce the associated vocabulary, helping them expand their word bank.

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Colouring requires children to use their fine motor skills, such as holding a crayon or colouring pencil and maintaining control while colouring within the lines. These activities help strengthen hand-eye coordination, improve manual dexterity, and refine their writing skills.

Encourages Cultural Awareness

The New Year is celebrated differently in various cultures around the world. By incorporating colouring pages depicting diverse New Year traditions, you can introduce children to different customs, symbols, and celebrations. This exposure fosters cultural awareness, respect, and curiosity about other cultures.

Promotes Relaxation and Focus

Colouring has a calming effect on children, helping them relax and concentrate on the task at hand. It can be an enjoyable and soothing activity that allows children to focus on colouring within the lines, fostering their attention span and promoting mindfulness.

By incorporating colouring pages into your ESL lessons to celebrate the New Year, you can engage children in a fun and educational activity while supporting their language development and cognitive skills.

new year colouring pages

These colouring pages have now been updated and added to my Bonfire Night and Fireworks Craft resource.

Now included in this one resource are:

1. Fireworks craft

Colouring Pages:

2. Happy New Year 2024

3. Happy 4th of July

4. Happy New Year

5. Bonfire Night

6. Celebrations

7. Fireworks

8. Blank page

Choose from the different pages and have fun!

Available at MY TPT STORE

Click the link for this CELEBRATIONS RESOURCE

Click the photo below to read more

fireworks colouring pages

new year resolutions reflections

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Happy New Year!

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